Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Wants!

Here are my top 10 Weekend Wants of the week! It's definitely an Anthropologie week!

#10 Valance Tank (Anthropologie)

#8 Level 9 Coil Legging (Anthropologie)

I saw this on Natalie's blog and fell in love with it!

#5 Dotted Gatherings Dress (Anthropologie)

#4 Luxe Cocktail Bracelet (J Crew)

I wouldn't mind giving this a try...

#1 Lotus Blossom Necklace (esty seller UntamedMenagerie)

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. I have had my eye on that necklace from UntamedMenagerie for awhile. I already have a few pieces from them that I adore wearing!
    I've also liked that Anthropologie necklace.

  2. I love the lotus necklace and I have been thinking about that Express dress also--think it'd be cute with black accessories like they show on the site---lots on goodies.

  3. Love the Anthro tops. I have an Anthro problem.. :)


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