Friday, April 2, 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon...

No words can describe my love for style and fashion. I LOVE to shop. When my husband and I moved to our new house a little over 2 years ago, it was between two different suburban cities in Colorado; one city close to his family and another within a 20 minute drive to any store I could ever dream of. Needless to say, we are now only a hop, skip and a jump away from shopping paradise and an hour drive from my husband's family- so really the best of both worlds.

In an ordinary week, I make about 3-4 trips to the mall. Whether I go just to "walk and gawk" or have the desire to lighten my wallet, there isn't a better way to forget about the real world for a second and dream. It's my getaway. It's what I love to do!

There is one obstacle to my addiction- money (or my lack thereof). See, I am a spender and my husband is a saver. While I do appreciate his good habit of making sure we aren't in a heap of debt, I do envy all the women on the numerous fashion and style blogs I follow who seem to have an endless supply of Anthropologie clothes and Christian Louboutin shoes. Every evening, I look forward to seeing "outfits of the day" by fellow bloggers. I do find myself asking, "how on earth do these women afford all of this?" after looking at the outfit description. I'd say the average OOTDs on the blogs I follow cost about $350-$1500 (accessories and shoes included).

My monthly spending money allotment - $200. In a year, I could have 3-5 awesome OOTD!

I know there are a lot of you out there that may not even have that much a month to spend on clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. - hence me creating this blog. I want to share my point of view from a person that doesn't have the moolah to dish out for designer labels. By no means do I consider myself a fashionista. In fact, I am very far from that. I just want to share my style sense, tips
and pass on what I consider good bargains for someone with a conservative (in my opinion) budget.

I hope you can take something from this blog. Whether it be what not to wear (hey, I'm not a fashion expert!), a good laugh, a review of a product you were in the market for or just something to kill time- take it for what it's worth (or not worth).

The Pretty Pauper

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