Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's give this another shot...

Today I played around with my new DSLR camera in hopes that I could get a decent OOTD picture. I succeeded- sorta.

Before I did my OOTD pictures, I did a "test" photo shoot with my cat Sophie. She has a new favorite toy- my Anthropologie birthday necklace (that they send with the 15% b-day discount). This morning, she brought it up to me when I was sleeping to play fetch (she thinks she is a dog). I had my camera on my nightstand and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some pictures...

The necklace looks better on her than me!

That's my Anthropologie necklace!

That's 13 pounds of high maintenance staring at you!

This camera thing is fun! Hopefully I get better at it soon. But anywho, here is my OOTD!

The Lowdown...

Top: (Nordstrom) (similar here)
Shoes: Steve Madden moccasins (bought these about 3 years ago)
Belt: (Nordstrom, but not on website) (similar here)
Bracelet: (Nordstrom, but not on website)
Necklace: (Nordstrom, but not on website)

Today's randomness...

I didn't even notice this until I uploaded it to my computer, but it looks like a little kitty wanted some love when I was too busy taking OOTD pictures. Poor kitty!

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. Ah, cat photos... they get me every time!

    You have gorgeous cats, by the way! And great OOTD!

  2. That third pictures is awesome. The kitty is so cute of course and the quality is really good. Camera seems to be totally worth it :-)


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