Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Inaugural OOTD!

I will admit I am a little nervous, excited, curious about this whole OOTD posting. There are a few things you must know before you put me on the grill with your dinner.

1. I am not a "shoes" girl for a few reasons. I have terrible feet with a small arch and barely wear any kind of ___________ (insert name of uncomfortable shoe here). In fact, if you see me in them you may want to look our your window and see if there are pigs flying. Another reason I don't like shoes- I'd much rather buy a complete outfit than a pair of cute shoes that I can wear 4-5 times a year.

2. Handbags are great, but because of my limited "spending money allotment" (as my husband calls it anyway) I simply can't have afford a different handbag for each OOTD. While as cute and exhilarating a designer handbag can be, they simply aren't realistic in my world.

3. I have a serious illness called Messy House Syndrome-itous. I'm a busy women when I'm not blogging. I have 2 other jobs and cleaning the house isn't always the top of the priority list. Sometimes, you will notice random clutter in my OOTD posts, but I like to think that those items add character :)

4. I don't expect anyone to like my OOTD. Everyone has their own opinion as to what's cute and what's not. Just remember I am a person with feelings too and would appreciate if you kept negative comments to yourself.

5. In my blog introduction, I mentioned my measly monthly "spending money allotment" of $200. Sometimes you may ask yourself, "How does she afford this orthat on $200 a month?". Well, as I de-clutter my house I find many things that I sell on Ebay or Craigslist. I also ask for gift cards and clothes for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas/ "Just Beacuse I Love You" day (in case my DH is reading) so I can enjoy my hobby of shopping just a little more.

Some of you may also think, "Wow, $200 is not measly! I only get ____." This $200 goes towards anything I purchase whether it be clothes, make-up, iTunes music, going out to lunch, a DVD I want, trip to Vegas with the girls etc. That's why I never travel. If I wanted to go on a trip with friends, it would take me about 4 months of saving this "spending money" AND not buying anything else! I told you my hubby was a saver...

So now that I have that off my chest, how about a shot at that OOTD!

Low and behold my first outfit of the day:


The Lowdown...

Top: Poured Paint Tank (Anthropologie) (similar)
Pants: Jolt Pick Me Up Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom)
**These are the MOST comfy and inexpensive skinny jeans out there!**
Cardigan: Absolutely Brand Cardigan (Nordstrom) (similar)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Edison Flats (Nordstrom) on sale!

And today's randomness...

Paint can (I just finished repainting our bedroom)
Laundry (because of said painting, I put off doing laundry this week)

Phew! First one done! That wasn't too bad, was it? Well, I've got a paint can to put in the garage and major laundry to catch up on!

Sunday will be my "Weekend Wants" day. Check it out tomorrow!

-The Pretty Pauper


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    I don't claim to be a fashion expert either! & a lot of what I have is not the crazy designers some of these other bloggers have - but thats why its fun! to see all kinds!

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