Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fitting Room Folies...

So yesterday I took a trip to good ol' Park Meadows mall for some retail therapy. I've got some reviews and photos to share of my finds!

1st Stop- Forever 21

There is rarely a day I am in the mood to shuffle through the disorganized chaos of F21. I guess yesterday I was feeling rambunctious and decided to go on a treasure hunt (aka shopping at F21). I actually found some really cute items (unfortunately not all in my size, so now I'll have to order online). I don't have fitting room pics of these since none were my size.

In case you're wondering why not...There's no way in hell I'm going to post pics of "The Pretty Pauper a la Stuffed Sausage" for the world to see. However, I will surely feature these in some OOTDs when I get them ;)

Stuck on what color to order (tan, white or blush)- I'd love your opinion!

And yes folks, I bought a romper and because I love you all I even decided to take it out of the bag and model it for you. This is no "glammed" up OOTD by any means!
(This is not online)

I also bought a plethora of rings and shiny things...

2nd Stop- Anthropologie

Now, I am the Pretty Pauper, meaning I don't have lots of Moolah and am very close to running out of birthday money and having only my "monthly spending money allowance". I loved almost everything I tried on and it was pure torture only getting to bring one thing home.

I am not a fan of tees that look sleeveless from the side view. It just looked like a big hole to my armpit (ew!) It also fit my torso funny. I had to adjust it frequently to make it look "right" and even in this picture it doesn't look great on me. I DO love this color though!

I've been lusting over this for quite a while now and after the review
from Effortless Anthropologie, I was sold to go purchase it. This was the one lucky item that got to come home with me. I do wish the top was a smidge longer, but other than that I love everything about this top. It is so feminine and universal!

Zoya Dress (Size 8)

This was on my weekend wants this past week and I really do love this dress. I love the pattern and the fit- just not the price tag. I will have to wait for this to go on sale...

What a gem! This is the first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the store. It's the first time I've seen it. It fits a little big as I wore a 6 in this dress and usually wear an 8. There are optional straps to attach to the dress as well. The pattern is gorgeous and the color is so rich. Too bad I'm not, or I'd buy this dress in a heartbeat!

So when I saw this top on the hanger, I thought it was adorable. When I tried it on, I felt more like I belonged in a dental office. I mean can't you see me wearing a little face mask
telling you to "open wide"? I just can't see past the "hospital scrub" look.
It's too bad because I had high hopes for this top.

and last and certainly least...

It should be called the "Don't Worry... No Competition Here" top. It looks SO cute on the website and hanger, but is totally unflattering on. The color is very sheer to begin with. It also fits very loose and I felt like I was wearing a potato sack (even when I sized down). Its also very short. If only it was more fitted and less sheer it may have worked.

3rd Stop- Nordstrom

These flats were featured in the April catalog (and last week's Weekend Wants) and I couldn't resist. I should have them next week!

All in all I came home with some pretty sweet stuff, not to mention the things I am going to order online this week. I will feature these in some OOTD's soon!

That's all for today's Fitting Room Follies! Until next time...

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. I actually love that last top that you said was totally unflattering. I think you look gorgeous in it! I also like the pearly white top or whatever the heck its called. CUTE!

  2. I don't know where to start---Love the romper. Looks awesome on you. I have yet to try one on but I love them on (almost) all people.

    The owl necklace is beyond awesome. I am in love with all owl accessories and I feel an investment of my own coming about.

    The tank with the bow is the most adorable thing ever.

    Lastly the dress from your weekend wants is totally cute on you and I (like you) wait for the dresses from Anthro to go on sale as I cannot justify a dress for casual days @ $150. I hope it goes on sale soon... :-)

  3. What great things at Anthro! I wish we had an Anthro in Hawaii... maybe one day. For now, I'll just daydream about all their lovely pieces online. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Wow! Nice! I love shopping.

    Regarding the jacket up top... I'd go with blush. Just because it's really hard to find a cute jacket that color. White is cool but easy to find and same goes for tan. :)

  5. the rompers where to start. i have mixed feelings about this trend. I have worn the romper before but I am not sure if it is something I want to bring back for myself however on you my dear it looks fabulous! romp it up!!


  6. Okay, I love Friendly Competition on you! If it looks like that in person, rethink passing it up!

    Love that owl necklace, too.


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