Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Late Night OOTD

No negligee here. Just a late night post!

I am in sales and am right in the middle of my "busy" season. For the next few weeks I will be doing most of my blogging in the wee hours of the night (like right now- 12:55am).

After my appointment today I headed out for a little retail therapy. There's nothing like getting rid of a bad case of the"Mondays" by hiking the mall. I was even in the rare and patient mood to shop at Forever 21. I came home with some goodies (not to mention a surprise giveaway item!)

Tomorrow I will muster up the energy to post photos and reviews of some items from F21 and Anthropologie (eeek!). Get excited!

And now for the OOTD.

The much anticipated Naughty Late Night OOTD...

The Lowdown:

Top: (Nordstrom, not on website) (similar here)
Shoes: Ecote Woven Skimmer in Opium (Urban Outfitters)
Belt: (Nordstrom, not on website) Sorry, can't find anything similar.
Bracelet: (Nordstrom, not on website) Sorry, can't find anything similar.
Necklace: (Nordstrom, not on website) (similar here)

Don't forget, the drawing for my giveaway happens today at noon MST!
Good luck to everyone!

Also, check out another great giveaway from Iva Messy!

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. I love the color combo of this outfit!:D The top is my fave!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Great outfit, and that top IS fantastic! I agree, it takes patience to shop at Forever 21!

  3. Love the floral top and flats!



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