Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday FAQ's

So yesterday, 3 readers contributed some questions to my first ever Friday FAQ column. You asked, now I will tell :)

Who is your favorite shoe designer? 
Hmm. My favorite designer is by far Christian Louboutin but I don't think I could ever afford a pair on my budget unless I won the lottery or got them as a gift (reading this out loud as I type so husband hears me). My favorite "affordable" shoes are Seychelles or NIne West. 

What is your one go to color when you just can't decide what to wear? What is a color you stay away from?
My go to color would either be black or purple. I organize my closet by color and those two colors are stocked pretty well! I loathe red. It looks a-w-f-u-l on me.  Yellow also washes me out quite a bit.

Do you have any easy hairstyles or updos you could share?
My favorite easy, quick "do" is to pull back my hair with bobby pins on both sides. Check it out in my OOTD today for a visual. I also will "poof" it occasionally. 

What are your favorite sandals/flip flops to wear for summer?
I love gladiators! I just bought some Mia sandals that I lurve!

That was fun! Post your questions for next week on this post :)

And now for an OOTD...

The Lowdown...
Top: (Charlotte Russe, not on website) (similar tank style here)
Jeans: Silver Aiko Jeans (The Buckle)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Edison" Flat (Nordstrom)
Necklace: (Francesca's Collections, not on website) 
Cuff: (Francesca's Collections, not on website) (similar here)
White Cat: (Denver Dumb Friends League) (similar here)
I know that this outfit isn't spectacular, but I just got home from my first cheer practice from the new team (hence me looking all haggard). I usually look a lot more presentable, I swear! 
I am so hungry and crabby right now. My husband and I are going to our local health fair tomorrow and getting our blood screening done and we have to fast for 12 hours. I HATE needles! I am not only anxious, but this fasting deal sucks. I can't wait to be done with it and eat a huge breakfast in the morning! 
- The Pretty Pauper


  1. I love Mia shoes too!:D Loving your top, so cute!:D

    Have a lovely weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. You may think you look haggard, but I still think you look cute. I love Silver jeans, and it's nice to see someone in the blogging world wear them aswell. I also love that you're not always sporting ridiculously high heels. As a teacher, it is very difficult to wear high heels all the time.

    Love your blog!


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