Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve last night. I dreamt about all of the possible items from the Nordstrom sale that would be joining my wardrobe. I did come home with some winners (including a couple of Weekend Wants item from two weeks ago!) I have a Nordies card and couldn't pass up the double points :)

Here's what I snagged!

This perfume is delightful! I love it when I get an item from my Weekend Wants posts :)

I also got these Joe's Jeans and a tank too!

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. Great scores! Love those bracelets. So funky. :)

  2. Lovely buys!:D And who doesn't love any Chanel perfume?!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Hi! I check your blog daily but don't believe I have ever commented. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your outfits and blog! Thanks for the fashion inspiration ;)

  4. I love the 1/2 yearly sale! Cute bracelets. I love the colors.

    :) Marcie

  5. That tank is really cool and I adore those bracelets! I am excited to go to Nordstrom this weekend when I have time.

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