Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grad Party OOTD

I've been a busy little bee! Last night, I decided to paint my office on a whim. It looks SO much better! I will post some before and after pictures soon. I was up until 3 in the morning organizing/moving stuff around/etc...

This morning, I went shopping for graduation gifts for the 3 seniors in my cheer team. I just got back from going to their grad parties and this is what I wore:

I bought this cute little dress at Francesca's Collection a long time ago. I forgot I had it until today! I love it when I find surprises in my closet :)

For the rest of the weekend, we are just working on cleaning/organizing the house/yard (fun, right?). My hubs best friend just got in town so we are going out with him and his girl friend tomorrow night. 

Next weekend is my hubs 10 year reunion, so we will most likely go shopping (!!!) for some reunion outfits :)

Stay tuned for Weekend Wants!

- The Pretty Pauper

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