Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sinful Sunday- To Buy or Not to Buy?

I have been eyeing a pair of Tweed shorts at Nordstrom. First of all, they are so cute! Second, they are on sale (but only for one more week). Of course, if I ask my husband whether or not I should get them he'd say no to save money. But I think they are adorable. Only thing is, I'm not sure how they fit with anything in my closet.

What are your thoughts?

 How would you style them?

 Should they come home with me?

By the way, I just purchased these boots in the dark brown color and now considering getting this color instead...

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. I like them and have been eying them myself. The way they are styled are adorable. Nordies has an incredible return policy, I say go for it.

  2. Yes go for it!!! And how should you wear them? considering you have the boots, why not try this look when it cools down a bit? HOT!

  3. I passed, only because you can find something similar at the discount stores easily. I saw a similar pair at H&M last week for $30. They are lovely; I just think the style isn't unique to those shorts.

  4. I bought 2 pairs from Gap last fall and lived in them all winter long.
    Go for it you won't regret it!

  5. Love the boots and the shorts! Looks like shorts are staying for the fall!!! Love your blog.

  6. i say get em! if the $$ won't kill you, try em! nordies does have the best return policy.. or go look for a cheaper alternative.. but i say take em home, try em on- make 3 outfits & go from there.. ideas?? the obvious- tights, boots & a slouchy sweater... a fun print top, cropped leather jacket & booties (no tights, gasp!)... long buttoned blazer, scarf, patterned tights, boots... plaid shirt, long coat, black tights, black booties (a la olivia palermo)... chunky knit wrap sweater, patterned tights & boots... cute white girly top, navy cardigan, sweater tights & boots... white botton-down & a vest... a striped tee & a vest... a longer floaty top w/a cropped jacket... silky print tank & sandals in the spring?? maybe??? ... oh and i say if you're second-guessing the color of your boots then maybe you *really* wanted the grey??? lol .. i just got the frye jane in the taupe color & i love that it's a different neutral that still goes w/brown & black. etc...

  7. loving these shorts they are exactly the right length and perfect for transitional weather!
    great choice.

  8. So what happened with all the YAY OR NAY? What did you keep? Did you get the shorts? Did you stick with the brown boots?

  9. You know, I decided to get the shorts! I knew I'd regret not getting them and I wanted them while they were still on sale, but I caved. Regarding the boots, I think I am going to order them in the lead color so I can see both side by side.


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