Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out of My Element...

Today, I traded my normal "get up" from Nordstrom and Anthropolgie for tennis shoes, Under Armor and spandex. My in-laws made the trip down to our house today and they persuaded us to join them on a bike ride. Now, for any one that knows me, this is completely out of character. We went to a bike path along the Platte River about 25 minutes from our house and did a 10 mile ride. It was actually very pretty (and hot). I managed to get a nice farmers tan when I was out. It sure was a workout - it made me realize how out of shape I am. I took my camera along for the ride and snapped a few pictures of our little adventure (and to prove that I did get my lazy but out on the house for once!).

Bridge over the Platte River

 A very random statue we came across.

The hubs ahead of me - as always.

So pretty!

A wildflower

The in-laws

Me and Hubs

Stay tuned for a special 4th of July edition of Weekend Wants!

- The Pretty Pauper

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  1. Pretty photos, bike riding is a lot of fun, I haven't done it in ages though! Glad you had fun. Happy 4th and thanks for your comment, I love Joes Jeans too!


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