Monday, July 12, 2010

Product Reviews: Kiehl's 3- Steps to Healthier Skin

A few weeks ago if you would have mentioned Kiehls, I would have thought you mean "heels". I had never heard about the stuff. After reading posts on the Nest and on assorted fashion and beauty blogs it seemed to be a popular item of discussion. While I was at the mall last week, I decided to sample some of the Creme de Corps lotion

It. Felt. Like. Heaven. In. My. Hand.

I ended up purchasing the lotion and went home to research more of the Kiehl's product line. I have been using Pro Active since January and was ready for a change. There were raving reviews of thefacial cleanser, toner and moisturizer so I got samples from my local Nordstrom counter. Let's say I am a proud owner of all 3 now.

Step 1: Ultra Facial CleanserThis is the most effective, yet gentle cleanser I have used yet. You work it into a lather and massage on to a wet face for about a minute and then rinse off. I love how clean my face feels after I use it. It's very refreshing! I use this everyday in the shower. 

Step 2: Ultra Facial Toner - While my hair air dries, I finish my daily facial regimen. When my face is all dry, I apply the toner with a cotton swab. The Proactive toner I used made my face burn and breakout. It made my face look awful. This really evens out my skin tone and gets rid of any red spots. It is also very gentle on the skin. 

Step 3: Ultra Facial Moisturizer and/or Ultra Facial Tinter Moisturizer - I have used both of these products. I love the tinted moisturizer since it kills 2 birds with one stone. The light tint is perfect for my skin tone. The coverage is great and gives an airbrushed/flawless look without feeling heavy. I use the regular moisturizer before bed.

I have been very pleased with the Kiehl's line thus far. In just 5 days of using it I can see a huge difference in my skin. My face looks healthy and has a natural glow. There is a trial kit on the Kiehl's website for $24.99 that includes all 3 to try. I highly recommend giving it a whirl! I just love the things you learn and pick up from in "fashion and beauty land"!

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. Thanks for the review, will keep these products in mind!:D
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  2. Oh, I have had my eye on that tinted moisturizer for a while. I'm glad to see you gave it good reviews - I think I'll have to pick it up!

  3. I love product reviews! I just stumbled onto your blog and I am so glad I did, I am now following, follow me?

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