Monday, August 9, 2010

Somebody has a case of the Mondays OOTD

Wouldn't it be wonderful if our workweeks were 2 days and weekends were 5 days? I just can't seem to get enough of a break lately. I feel like I only get one day of my weekend since I spend all day Sunday dreading about work on Monday. Does anyone else feel this way?

I am however looking forward to tomorrow: my shopping day! Every Tuesday morning I head out to the mall. First I check out the "fresh cuts" at Anthopologie. After doing some fitting room reviews (and a purchase every so often), I head over to Nordies to check out all of their new stuff for the week. Going to the mall brings me a peace of mind!

What do you like to do to escape for a few hours?

I went for the curly hair look today..


The Lowdown...

Jeans: Jolt Pick Me Up Jeans (Nordstrom)
Tank: Coil Flower Tank (Anthropologie, no longer available)
Necklace: Double Torsade Necklace (Anthropologie, no longer available online)
Sandals: Report Ebben Sandals (Nordstrom)

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. I feel the same way about work! And in fact, on my facebook today I wrote the same exact thing ;)Bad case of the Mondays! You look great though.

  2. Cute!! Happy Tuesday!

    xoxo, Ashley

  3. I've always said that too- why can't it be work 2 days off 5?!

  4. Super cute outfit and I really like your hair wavy:)

  5. I'm totally with you on the shopping thing! These days I've been "escaping" quite frequently to the stores! ;-)

  6. cute combo going on! i love the red necklace standing out on its own!

  7. I totally agree with you. Weekends are way too short and I just don't get enough time to really enjoy what I'm doing. To relax I love to thrift store shop. Lovely outfit by the way!


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