Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just the way you are...

Totally love this song by Bruno Mars (it's playing right now) hence the name of today's post :) Another week almost over (thankfully). Work has been a little stressful, not gonna lie. It shouldn't be since I made my year end quota, but whatever :/ I need a dose of retail therapy pretty soon! A few things in my recent Weekend Wants posts may soon become Weekend realities...If I come home with anything new, I'll be sure to do some reviews!

The Lowdown...

Top: Poured Paint Tank (Anthropologie, no longer available)
Necklace: Double Torsade Necklace (Anthropolgie, no longer available)
Jeans: Silver Aiko Jeans (Silver Jeans)

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. Hi!:D I like that song too, very catchy.:D

    I am loving your top and necklace together.:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I was eyeing that necklace in anthro in blue! I'm so bummed I didn't snag it when it was on sale:( Pretty top, too! Have a great weekend!

  3. I really like how the necklace looks together with your top!!


  4. Those jeans are really flattering on you, I may have to look into them!

  5. You look great. I am loving this song too. His whole album is great---Count on Me is another great one.

  6. Very cute outfit and great song. Thanks for sharing
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