Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Long Over Due Weekend Wants!

After a two week hiatus, I am back to blog world. The past two weeks have been filled with cheer camp, practices, sales calls galore and the Colorado Spirit Coaches Conference (which I was at participated in both as a vendor and a coach). I just woke up from a nice 2.5 hour nap outside in my new hammock and I'm feeling refreshed. I'm finally back to my blog and shouldn't be going anywhere for a while.  I look forward to catching up reading all of the blogs I follow. I bet there's a lot I've missed in 2 weeks!

But anywho- here are this week's Weekend Wants. Everything's under a hundred!


#8 Fixed and Fancy Top (Anthropologie)

#5 Floral Leatherette Bag (Forever 21)

#2 Floral Decor Necklace (Shop Ruche)

- The Pretty Pauper


  1. Those sunglasses are great!

    BTW, I got my package! Thanks again. Headed to Starbucks tomorrow :)

  2. I like the bangles!:D Glad you're back!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. I absolutely love that floral decor necklace. Fabulous picks all around, though!!


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