Monday, December 27, 2010

Where oh where has the PP been?

First of all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwanza, Boxing Day, etc...)!

So my regular followers have probably moved on. I mean I haven't blogged regularly in 3 months, right? Well, I've got some news for everyone...


Alright, now that the cat is out of the bag, hopefully you can understand why I haven't been active in so long. Let me tell you, the first trimester has been rough. Not necessarily with morning sickness (I've only thrown up once!), but with fatigue. ALL I do is SLEEP! I seriously wake up at 10/11am (the joys of working at home), lay in bed for a half hour to an hour, eat (whatever I can since NOTHING really sounds good) and then take a nice long nap! I couldn't fathom getting up to pick out something cute to wear, look decent enough to take a photo all just to go to sleep again. 

Now that I am in my second trimester I'm not as tired, however, now I have another problem: none of my clothes fit me anymore. I really do enjoy blogging, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what to blog about since I am certainly not excited to show off my new maternity duds. I'm literally getting by wearing sweats most of the time. I mean, why purchase all of these clothes that I'm only going to have for the pregnancy? 

I want to open this questions up to readers... Since I was primarily an "Outfit" of the day blogger, what is something else you'd like to see on a blog? Beauty reviews? A tie into being a mother/fashion (after the baby is here, of course!)? I am stuck and would love to hear your ideas since my blog will have to change. 

My husband and I are so excited. I am due July 3rd and I know these next 6 months are going to FLY by! I figured I'd like to jump back on the blog circuit before baby comes. After all, who knows how long the next "hiatus" could be once our little one arrives! 

As always, I have always appreciated my followers and their loyalty! You keep me writing- I just apologize that it's been so long! Hopefully with some fresh ideas from my readers, I will have something new and exciting to blog about!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2011 everyone!

- The (Pregnant) Pretty Pauper


  1. congrats!!! I am so glad I decided to blog browse for a change so I could see your post! Isn't it exciting?? I am pregnant too :)! 16 weeks .

  2. Ah! Congratulations!!! This is exciting news indeed! :) I wish you and your husband nothing but the best throughout the rest of the pregnancy!

  3. Awww! Congratulations!!! This is great news, and I'm so happy for you and your husband!
    I really hope you can blog a bit in the next months, I'm sure all of your followers (including me) would love to know more! :)


  4. CONGRATULATIONS! That's fantastic news! I wish both you and your husband the absolute best these next 7 months - it's so exciting!!


  5. Congrats! That's so exciting. You don't have to shop in the maternity section just because you are prego. My friend just bought a couple sizes bigger and leggings were her best friend. Also, H&M & Forever 21 both have maternity sections now. I hope you keep on blogging (when you feel up to it, of course). Keep us posted:)

  6. Congrats Pretty {Preggers} Pauper!! Being a Momma is the most wonderful job/duty/GIFT I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

  7. Congrats! That is awesome news. :)

    xo M

  8. Congrats! I suggest you blog about anything that is inspiring you at the moment. It doesn't have to be specific!

  9. Congrats!!! I've had three children and it's the adventure of a life time!
    Kristina J.

  10. Congratulations!:D

    Blog about anything, I'll read it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. Congratulations!!! I haven't been over here in a while and I just wanted to say hi. What great news!! I hope you're having an easy pregnancy. My little one is 3 months now. Getting a little better at my daily routine so I'm trying to blog more often. Good luck!

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